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Why It's Important To Have "Me" Time and 6 Ways You Can Achieve It

All I wanted was 10 minutes. 10 minutes to just sit down. In simple peace, calm and quiet. To scroll through Facebook maybe, or to read a book. To play on a game or paint my nails.

10 minutes. 10 selfish minutes.

It wasn’t just that it was the Easter holidays.

I forgot to set myself boundaries. I forgot not to expect too much of myself. I just kept extending my to do list, despite the fact that I had children at home on their Easter holidays and that they were both poorly at different times.

We had chicken pox sweep our household recently. My children weren't overly ill with it, my youngest certainly suffered more than our eldest who caught it exactly 2 weeks after. So we were cooped up a lot during the holidays, but it wasn't just that. There were many reasons why I craved peace; 

The children were poorly, they were bored, it was raining A LOT so even the garden wasn't an option on half of the days, my to do list kept getting longer, the children didn't sleep great so we w…

The 12 Duties of a Stay at Home Mum

There are many duties of a stay at home Mum; don't get me wrong I love a good lazy day whenever I can grab the rare opportunity for one, but it is a myth that we sit on our bums all day. Other than washing, cleaning, tidying and preparing food continuously, we have our little ones to look after all day long. I have decided to list just a few of the duties I do below: 

1. Puzzle Maker. The little ones beg for some puzzles to do, so I do as I am told and present them with some puzzles. Within 10 minutes, I realise I am sat alone concentrating hard on the toddler puzzles, whilst they have run off to watch TV or torment each other. 

2. Food Fetcher. I am like a yo yo in and out of the kitchen. I can not believe how much these little men eat. The quantity astounds me, still at least it keeps me fit. 

3. A Human Bed. Whenever my boys are tired, they soon get snuggled up against me on the sofa or on top of me then fall asleep heavily. I am then a human bed and can not for the life of me move for about an hour or so. As time has gone on though, I am being used less and less for this job. Dare I say it, I miss it?! 

4. Entertainer. As a mother, some of your duties will be entertainment based. In fact, most of them will be. One activity my boys like me to do is to continually stack cups for them to knock down. It's amazing the amount of times I can do this on repeat in one sitting. Another one is to become an artist; it never gets dull drawing a rubbish attempt for a cat constantly. *Eye Roll* 

5. Constant Cleaner. The mess is mind-blowing when you have children. You could have spent a couple of good hours tidying and cleaning the house, just to turn around and realise your terrible two has turned into a tornado and launched himself through the lounge, by the time you tackle that problem, the four year old has pulled a lot of toilet roll onto the floor in the toilet. It is non stop, you are a constant cleaner. 

6. Toy Locator. This is a job for when your children frantically need their fire truck/ Bing toy NOW. Soon you become a pro at it and have some super senses that come in handy finding the hidden treasures around your house. You become less lucky when it's your valuable items that the children have hidden. 

7. Key Locator. This is a job you have to do for the husband when he can't find the keys anywhere for the 10th day in a row. FYI they are always hanging up, where he placed them when he got in. Or they may well be in the most random place possible, but knowing your husband, you know just where to look. 

8. Fort Builder. This one is a lot of fun, it is always awesome getting the blankets down and creating a fantastic fort in the lounge, or when the weather is nice creating a master piece in the garden. 

9. Good Cop. You become the good cop when dearest Daddy doesn't want them to have a second biscuit or cake bar and you can't resist their angelic faces. 

10. Bad Cop. Sometimes it seems like you are the only one aware of safety concerns so become strict or "evil". Also, you are the one around all day to issue needed discipline or take items off of them so naturally you are the bad guy, then as soon as Daddy enters home, they go running to him. 

11. Nurse. Mummy becomes the Angelic Angel, however by kissing the babies all over to cure whatever grief your children have gotten into, be it a cut on the knee or a broken heart due to a broken toy. 

12. Human Trampoline. This has got to be one of the more exhausting roles that a stay at home Mum has; basically it means babies, toddlers and children clamber and climb all over you, constantly. You wake with various bruises each day and you have no idea how you got them. 

What duties would you add to the stay at home Mum list? Which one is your favourite? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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