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Yes, The Time Really Does Fly By

When I first had my eldest, every fellow parent around me, be it my mum, the woman down the road or a friend that already had a toddler, would tell me to make the most of the baby days and to cherish every moment because it goes so fast.

I used to hate being told this, firstly I knew how quickly time went, or did I? And secondly, it was hard to cherish the moments where sleep was missed and baby just screamed whilst being held for hours due to colic. How could I cherish these moments? I felt like a zombie. I missed the old me. I missed my body and sleep. Of course I loved this tiny human I’d created, but there were moments I couldn’t cherish because it was too hard.

But then that length of time I thought I knew, suddenly wasn’t so long. It was quicker. Quicker than ever thought of. And they grew up. Some things got easier and some things got harder. I don’t think parenting is ever really easy, we swap sleepless nights for waking up and the boys fighting each other and throwing toast at …

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