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8 Things I See Differently Now I'm A Mum

It is safe to say that parenting is a life changing experience. From the moment you find out you are pregnant, life forever more changes. From then on, number one is now your child and everything you do is thought out for an extra person. Freedom to an extent ceases as you take on the responsibility of another life. Parenting has its many perks and its many stresses and strains but it is a wonderful journey on the whole. Naturally, as your life takes this massive change, the way you see certain things also changes. 
I had heard of unconditional love before having the boys but I had never really experienced its true meaning. Don't get me wrong my siblings and parents have my unconditional love but the type that comes with having kids is all consuming. I had also heard of love at first sight but had never experienced it until they were born. The love and bond between a Mother and child truly is unbreakable and beautiful.
Time and Free Time
I used to get bored a lot. I would sit the…

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