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Why My Boys Are Like Chalk And Cheese

My boys are like chalk and cheese, sweet and sour, stormy and calm. Complete polar opposites.As Mothers, we have to recognise the differences between our children and adjust how we treat them accordingly.
My eldest is a sweet little boy, he needs a lot of mind stimulation. He loves to be creative. He's at his happiest when he's colouring in or building Lego. He's into cars. He likes cuddles but only when he is in the mood for them. He's a sensitive soul, he doesn't like to be teased. He can quietly sit for a while, entertaining himself and very much loves to have some alone time. I usually don't worry too much when we're in the company of others, although he's a shy boy, he is polite and generally well behaved. He can be demanding, however and have an attitude that stinks, which he's picked up from school. He has quite a low immune system, something we are trying to help whereas the youngest has rarely been poorly. He has generally been the 'easi…

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