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Read With Phonics: An App To Help Children Progress With Phonics

My youngest has been at school a couple of weeks now, this week he is finally going full time. I have quite enjoyed easing him, and me, in with half days but I knew it was a matter of time before these whole days began. He's adjusted to school quite well so far, he is enjoying seeing and playing with friends, he's taking a liking to his teacher and he has had so much fun playing with everything that there is on offer in the Reception classroom. I do worry, however, that when it comes to the actual learning that he will struggle. My Son has been seeing a speech therapist throughout the summer to help him form his words correctly, and within such a short space of time he has made massive improvements. I've been told that with learning phonics, this will come on even more so. I am really looking forward to seeing how well he does. To get a head start, we were given a fantastic opportunity to review an app with ReadWithPhonics

So at the beginning of last week, we downloaded t…

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