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Tiny Toes Does Halloween

I look forward to so many things throughout the year. I am a big fan of the seasons and therefore every thing each season has to offer is special to me. I am trying to get my boys really excited about Autumn and the joys it has to bring like crisp colourful leaves, cosy evenings in, stews and of course, events. Halloween is almost here. I have decided to get very active in Halloween, just as I did last year. I thought I would fill you in on our Halloween. 
Our Outfits 

The boy's outfits have come from Home Bargains again this year. They always have such a great variety and are very good value for money. As the costumes are not worn continuously throughout the year, I did not want to splash out. Unfortunately, Zac is not one for change and has opted to go as a pumpkin again this year. Dylan, on the other hand is going to be the cutest little vampire around. You can get the Vampire Costume Here and the Pumpkin Costume Here
TV Treats 
Netflix have released some seasonal goodies now, so…

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