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30 Activities to do this Summer; A Tiny Toes Check List.

The summer holidays are here. The weather has had its ups and downs; from being wetter than a freshly folded pair of socks that your toddler has just launched into the bath tub, to being so hot that we feel like our faces might be melting. Regardless of the weather, those with school children have 6 glorious weeks to enjoy with your little ones, those with 4 year olds are now on a countdown until school days begin and those with toddlers and babies, well, you have a couple of hopefully sunny months ahead. 

Whether you are excited to have the kiddies home for the summer to spend some quality time with you, or whether you are already counting down the days until school begins again, let's make this summer one to remember. We need to remember it for all the right reasons too, not remember it as that wet dreary summer of '16 where England decided to leave Europe spectacularly twice. So, without further-a-do, here are some summer time activity ideas to enjoy with your children:

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