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Our Family Goal This Summer

Summer has arrived! The Summer holidays are just a week away, are you ready? I for one am so excited to have 6 weeks ahead of us as a family to enjoy each other. No school runs, no pack ups, no cramming everything I have to do into 5 hours. Instead there will be us and time. Although I fear the summer holidays will flash before our eyes, I am certainly ready to make the most of them and embrace the time I have before they're over and things are ready to change again.

My goal therefore, for us as a family, is to make the most of it. That's it. It is as simple as that. I want to embrace and indulge in the time we have together. I want us to laugh hard, play harder and relax non stop. I will be more mindful. If you wanted to be more mindful, check out my blog post; 8 Steps To Becoming A Mindful Mum
My goal is to have as stress- free summer as possible as thus far, this year has probably been one of the most stressful years of all. I'm looking forward to lazy mornings, eating …

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