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6 Things That Look Cuter With Kids

Babies have an unmistakable, gorgeous cuteness to them. The way a little toddler toddles around in their nappy, creating mayhem around them has a certain humorous appeal to it all. Babies and toddlers are cute. And funny. When you picture an adult in some of the same situations as a baby, the cuteness suddenly evaporates. How do they get away with it?! Here are a few of those scenarios that I've pondered:
Walking around in a nappy. The baby belly, the chubby rolls of baby goodness on their legs, the bald head all toddling around in this miniature human wearing a nappy. So cute. Queue "Aww's" Now picture a fully grown man, sporting beer belly, macho thighs and a balding head sporting a nappy. Oh erm..... not so cute. Thank goodness this usually only happens at stag do's. Talking on a telephone. There's something about the sight of a child trying to talk to their Grandma on the phone that brings out the mushy feels. Or when they have a fake phone and they're…

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