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Children Have The Best Timing (Or Not)

There is a lot of good things that come with having children. From having some gorgeous tight cuddles and kisses to being able to finish off their turkey dinosaurs; there are definitely perks to being a parent. Children have a lot of pros and cons; they can be the most loving people in your life but also be the ones that may just throw a toy at your head from frustration. Do you know what else children have? The best timing. Let's list some examples of their logic and brilliant timings below;

1. Picture the scene, I had just taken my toilet training tot to the public toilet in Marks and Spencers. I was feeling super proud that he had told me that he needed the toilet, anyway, I decided whilst I was in there, I would just go for a quick wee. Little man, on the other hand, had other ideas. Mid flow, he decides to unlock and open the toilet door quicker than you can say; "Don't you dare...." Every time I need the toilet in public it's like playing a game of, "Do…

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