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Reward Charts- Do They Actually Work?

Last year my boys grew up a lot. At times this was exciting, at times it saddened me as it broke my heart and other times it was frustrating how quickly they’d grown because now no longer were dirty nappies that escaped up the back of their sleep suits an issue, but their attitude and behaviour was.

And oh boy, have they developed their own cheeky mischievous attitudes. Gone were the days of laughing when they accidentally splattered food over themselves.... here are the days where it is totally not funny when the 3 year old finds out how to launch peas everywhere off the spoon, (well I guess it is a little.... but still!)

At some point last year, I had had enough of the time out zone and I needed something new to boost positivity and promote good behaviour. So, we toddled along to Hobbycraft and purchased this reward chart.

The chart in itself is great, I use one for each of the boys. Each one has a list of tasks for you to fill in, then this is on a grid Monday- Sunday. So for each day…

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